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SENS Fitness Clients of the Month - Jeremy and Traci Jacobs

They’d tried everything, but nothing was working. Despite having the emotional support right there at home, Jeremy and Traci Jacobs were at a loss. The weight loss had stalled, and the scale was moving in the wrong direction. After finding SENS Fitness on Instagram, this married couple of nearly 24 years decided to forget what they’ve tried in the past and dive into a new approach to sustainable weight loss. What they found was not only a supportive and rewarding community, they also found that the scale can start to trend downward without feeling deprived or being forced to give up their date nights cruising through the Music City. This SENS Fitness Power Couple, combined, is down nearly 44 pounds in just 8 weeks. Here’s what they have to say about their new found nutritional success!

1. Why did you decide to join SENS Fitness?

We had an opportunity to watch a live Instagram feed and enjoyed Jim’s message of sustained weight loss and fitness through building good habits and conscientious routines around healthy eating and exercise. We knew we would want to have an accountability partner with the knowledge, and expertise we would need to help guide us to success. 

2. What goal are you working towards?

A healthy and sustainable weight so we can live our best lives together for as long as possible.


3. What's the most challenging thing you've faced during this journey?

Commitment to waking up earlier to exercise regularly, or doing it at night after a long workday. However, the bikes are tuned up, bike rack is now in hand, and we are scoping out local mountain bike trails. We have also gotten a set of kettlebells, and are starting yoga and meditation to round out the regimen.

4. What have you done to stay focused on your goal?

Regular planning and preparation of meals, making this program our lifestyle. This is not a temporary “fix” for us, this is a lifelong commitment and a conscientious awareness of how and what we eat and the effort we put towards staying active and fit. 

5. Apart from the usual things like pounds and inches lost, have you noticed any other benefits from the SENS Fitness Fat Loss Program?

Greater energy, no longer lethargic during the day. Much more get up and go in the morning, much greater enthusiasm for everyday life. 

6. How is SENS Fitness different than any other weight loss program or diet you've tried in the past?

The support we receive from Karen and Jim is immeasurable. Their commitment to communicating frequently with amazing promptness is incomparable to any other program we have used. Their genuine caring spirit, knowledge and advice has been exactly what we have needed. Their compassion for helping others, and their guidance knowing the struggles we face has been paramount to our success.