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SENS Fitness Client of the Month - Evan Bethany

8 weeks.

7 pounds lost.

4 inches gone from her waist.

3 inches gone from her hips.

1 ice cream cone eaten per day.

Wait, what? She eats ice cream every day and has still gotten those results in just 8 weeks? Yes!


Evan is big on non-scale victories or NSVs as she calls them. Things like measurements, clothes fitting better, consciously making healthier choices, more energy. She’s done a complete 180 in such a short time and we’re excited to celebrate her as our Client of the Month!

1. Why did you decide to join SENS Fitness?

I decided to join SENS because I felt like I needed some additional guidance in getting my eating and self care on track! I originally was interested in keto and macros, but liked the basic approach you provided to just get started!

2. What goal are you working towards?

I’m working towards losing the weight I gained during knee and foot injuries that set me back about 30 lbs. I had already spent a few years working hard prior to the injuries losing about 80 lbs and was sad to see the weight come back on. I’d like to be as fit and strong as I can be when I turn 40 next May and would like to keep my lifestyle healthy, which helps my emotional and mental state, not just my physical state.

3. What's the most challenging thing you've faced during this journey?


The first month that I went through the program with Jim and Karen, I got really sick and struggled to get started as I missed almost a whole week of work. This second round/third round has been way better! I think also, the mental/emotional parts are the hardest, re-training your brain to not want sweets after every meal, finding options when stressed tell you that you deserve that treat!

4. What have you done to stay focused on your goal?

Things that help me stay focused: focus on the NSV’s that I’ve seen (getting stronger at the gym, willpower to say no because I want to see results, knowing that I’m not going to feel guilty about food choices or be in a constant spiral revolving around food, pants fitting a bit better!) Emotional goals seem to have more sticking power than the goal of wanting to have a flat stomach!

5. Apart from the usual things like pounds and inches lost, have you noticed any other benefits from the SENS Fitness Fat Loss Program?

See #4 but also just a general sense of feeling more comfortable in my own skin! A big/ silly one is being at to squat in very important situations (like peeing in a public bathroom so u don’t have to touch anything! I can finally do that again!) 😂🤣 being able to fully ride my bike again, up hills etc., is an awesome feeling!

6. How is SENS Fitness different than any other weight loss program or diet you've tried in the past?

SENS is great! I absolutely love the 100% of the acknowledgment that Jim and Karen provide! I’m a people pleaser so I love knowing that I’ve done a good job and the Facebook liking/commenting is awesome! I appreciate them checking in on me if I’m not being present and I love seeing their progress with their activities! I love the process and am so grateful for this program!!