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SENS Fitness Client of the Month - Lauren Forgione

Lauren Forgione is always hungry for more. No, we’re not starving her. She eats plenty. Lauren’s hungry for more information, more education, more guidance, and more feedback. Her desire to be invested in her health has been the most refreshing part of her journey with SENS Fitness.

Yes, she’s dropped 10 pounds, is losing body fat, and is starting to show some definition in her mid-section, but it’s her constant hunger for more knowledge that’s earned her the SENS Fitness Client of the Month for October.

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Lauren challenges us each day with thoughtful questions. Digestive enzymes vs. probiotics, or how different cooking methods affect the micronutrient profile of certain foods for example. We get a full recap each morning of her workout, what she liked and what she didn’t particularly care for. Lauren is the standard for someone who has truly immersed herself in understanding her health and how best to improve it.

Without further ado, meet Lauren Forgione!

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1. Why did you decide to join SENS Fitness?

After about a year of trying different nutrition programs, I'd come to a plateau and started wondering if I was even fueling my body properly for the more-intense exercise regimen I'd worked my way up to in that time. It felt like the right moment to really get a handle on things and take it to the next level with professional guidance.

2. What goal are you working towards?

I've already lost about 10 pounds, a similar amount of inches, and 2 sizes since working with Jim & Karen, so my main goals now are about getting stronger and continuing to increase muscle definition.

3. What's the most challenging thing you've faced during this journey?

Learning how to balance a social life that revolves around eating and drinking with what I'm trying to accomplish. It's not really a matter of choosing one version of myself at the expense of the other, though I always thought it was. I'm now mastering the ability to navigate weekends, parties, trips without completely derailing my progress or being a total buzzkill.

4. What have you done to stay focused on your goal?

Some of it is tangible, like removing trigger foods from the house or removing myself from activities where things might go off the rails; but so much more of it is mental, and I try to pay a lot of attention to how I feel when I'm staying on track versus taking detours.

5. Apart from the usual things like pounds and inches lost, have you noticed any other benefits from the SENS Fitness Fat Loss Program?

Relating to the above, the biggest benefit is that I feel amazing—physically, mentally, and even emotionally. I'm energetic, confident, less stressed out, happy, flexible, strong, capable, dedicated, even fearless in a lot of ways.

6. How is SENS Fitness different than any other weight loss program or diet you've tried in the past?

Though it's great that you have full control over the food you eat, the accountability is the absolute #1 thing that I can't speak highly enough of. If you have that sort of "forever a student" mentality, the accountability aspect of this program is extremely valuable. I crave feedback and thrive in an environment where I can prove myself, so it really works for me. Even when there's something you're not good at, Jim & Karen advise you in such a way that it encourages persistence, which usually leads to some small success, and that leads to wanting to succeed more.