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A New Take on Breakfast

We're three weeks in to the SENS Fitness ConFITdent Parent Weight Loss Challenge. It's been going really well thus far. We have a small group of highly motivated people working towards some pretty awesome goals. Here's an email I shared with this this week:

I want to share a story with you. It’s probably one you’re familiar with because it’s happened to you before... and most likely often. I know it’s happened to me countless times, and almost happened again this morning.

I overslept. Is there anything worse than feeling like you’re behind the eight ball and you’ve only been awake for 10 seconds? Anyway, I slog through my morning routine of walking the dog, showering, getting dressed, then making breakfast.

Trouble was that we didn't have any breakfast foods. No eggs! No bacon! No oatmeal! No donuts (definitely no donuts)!

Now, in the past this would have caused me to make a poor food choice. “Screw it!” I’d say. “I’m going to Dunkin' for a bagel or bacon egg and cheese, or a god damn crossandwich, whatever those things are. I’m having it!”

Hell, in the past I’d probably order all three. But today, I know making that choice would have taken me further from my health and fitness goal. So instead, I was resourceful.

Grilled chicken, already cooked in the fridge. Boom! On a plate.

Spinach and kale mixed in a bag. Boom! On a plate.

A little shredded cheese. Boom! On a plate.

I even gave myself a wrap to make it like a burrito. “But Jim, you’re telling us not to eat bread. What gives?!?!?”

Well, I’m not telling you NOT to eat bread. I’m explaining that it’s a processed food full of empty carbs and calories that is unnecessary.

Back to the burrito! It’s a flax seed wrap, so lower in net carbs, less than 100 calories and much tastier than some calorie gut-bomb wrap that’ll make you feel gross after you’re done chewing.

I topped it with a dollop of Greek yogurt and hot sauce, and I’m eating breakfast.

“Chicken for breakfast?!?!? Blasphemy!”

There’s nothing that says it can’t be done. America is a free country after all!

So the point I’m trying to make here is several-fold:

1. Don’t let other aspects of your day impact your meals. If you’re stressed at work, don’t pile on by making poor food choices.

2. Chicken is for breakfast! It’s also for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Just because eggs and bacon are considered “breakfast foods” doesn’t mean we can’t move items around through the day. Try it, trust me it won’t kill you.

3. Be resourceful! Unless the cupboard is bare I’m confident you can find healthy options to mix together for a delicious breakfast.

Not everything will go according to plan 100% of the time. It happens, we can't control everything. However, taking back control of that unforeseen situation you find yourself in is critical. Having the confidence in yourself to think clearly in these moments will help bring you closer to your health and fitness goals.