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SENS Fitness Client of the Month for November - Dave P.

Meet the original member of SENS Fitness, Dave P. He’s been working with our coaches since May and since then has lost weight and body fat, sure, but what’s been most impressive about his journey is the habit-based change he’s been able to make and sustain. In the past, he’d eat whatever, whenever. Today, each meal is planned and accounted for. This prevents the afternoon walk to the vending machine for processed junk, the evening pit stop at the local fast food restaurant, and will lead to sustainable weight loss. What’s even better about Dave’s progress to date is that by developing quality habits and improving his relationship with food, it allows him to still enjoy his favorite foods (like pizza and beer!) guilt-free from time-to-time. We’re proud of Dave’s hard work and wanted to share his story with each of you. We hope you appreciate his diligence and his sense of humor as much as we do. Way to go, Dave! Keep up the great work.


Why did you decide to join SENS Fitness?

After trying for years to lose weight on my own with moderate success at best, I found it difficult to stay "on the wagon." When I didn't see instant results, I would give up -- and give in to old habits. Can you blame me, though? Pizza and beer are delightful. I realized I needed help from someone who's been there and can tell me exactly what I need to do to finally break the plateau I've been stuck in. For me, the decision was easy. I've known Jim and Karen for a long time and trusted they would do their best to help me help myself. That's exactly what they've done.

What goal are you working towards?

I'm working towards losing at least another 10 pounds to get to the "ideal" weight for someone of my age and height. I no longer want to be classified as overweight. It would also be nice to be able to by pants and not have to decide which waistline to go with (around the gut or beneath it). Truth be told, I want to be able to look at a photo of myself and confidently say I look damn good!

What's the most challenging thing you've faced during this journey?

The most challenging part of this journey has been persevering through my own pessimism and impatience. I have to realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Humans are naturally resistant to change, and I am no different. Having to adjust the way I think, eat and prepare each day isn't as easy as it sounds! Fortunately, now I have a team who has my back and won't let me get discouraged.

What have you done to stay focused on your goal?

To stay on target, I have been prepping lunches and dinners for a full week -- this keeps me from going out for food because the fridge is empty. I've also been making sure to make better choices with the meals and the snacks in between, and be flexible to make adjustments when necessary. For the first time ever I'm even bringing healthy snacks with me on trips! Creating new habits takes effort, but once it becomes part of a daily routine it becomes second nature.

How is SENS Fitness different than any other weight loss program or diet you've tried in the past?

In my previous attempts to lose weight, I tried eating "low fat" and other items deemed healthier. That obviously wasn't enough. I didn't have someone come to my home and show me the proper foods to be eating and how to properly prepare them. I didn't have someone to check in on me to see how I'm doing. This is where Jim, Karen and SENS Fitness have been the biggest help. They have been supportive and encouraging. Even if some days I want to give up, I know they won't give up on me.

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