SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 8 - Gene Sobol

Jim & Karen talk with Gene Sobol, a triathlon and running coach who has a unique approach to building the sport through affordable access to coaching and training plans. Gene talks about his triathlon background, including the obstacles he’s overcome to be successful in the sport. Plus he tells us his favorite way to recover after a long ride, his pre-race breakfast, and whether he shaves his legs or not!

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 7 - Cory Comitale

Jim & Karen speak with Cory Comitale, Fitness Director at Infinity Athletics in Albany, NY. Cory operates group fitness classes where each person has their own individual program. He’s also just one of two people locally who are certified in fascial stretch therapy. We discuss this and why he feels working with an older clientele is the most rewarding.