SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 16 - Paul Howell, Creator of The Sling Method

Jim and Karen talk with Paul Howell, a gait specialist and creator of the Sling Method. Paul’s vision for human movement in running and triathlon is unique and noticeable within the first few paragraphs of his book. While most strength programs for endurance athletes feature squats and deadlifts, or some variation of those exercises, Paul argues against that. His approach is always about specificity. 

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 11 - PedBikeLaw with George LaMarche

On this episode of The SENS Fitness Podcast Jim Gazzale interviews George LaMarche, an attorney and advocate for runners and cyclists. George discusses the rights of runners and cyclists who’ve been hit by vehicles while training, their legal recourse, tips to make sure they’re getting the most possible coverage, and things runners, cyclists, and drivers can do to avoid crashes. George also discusses the advocacy work he’s doing along with a non-profit he created to help support crash victims. Visit for more information.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 8 - Gene Sobol

Jim & Karen talk with Gene Sobol, a triathlon and running coach who has a unique approach to building the sport through affordable access to coaching and training plans. Gene talks about his triathlon background, including the obstacles he’s overcome to be successful in the sport. Plus he tells us his favorite way to recover after a long ride, his pre-race breakfast, and whether he shaves his legs or not!