SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 18 - Helen Parsons, Wellness Coach

Jim and Karen sit down with Helen Parsons, a wellness coach in the Capital Region to discuss healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and transformations. Helen knows what it’s like to make the tough changes. Not at all athletic for the majority of her life, she quit smoking 11 years ago and began running. This was the beginning of what became a passion for her. As she got more and more healthy, she began to understand that taking care of ourselves gives us so much more than simple health and fitness; she learned that discovering what we can do physically, pushing our personal limits, and fueling our bodies in a way that helps them perform for us, also gives us a mental and emotional clarity, a sense of self-respect and confidence that we may have been lacking. It is now her mission to help other women become the best versions of themselves through health, fitness and community.