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SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 26 - Overcoming Obstacles with Pro Triathlete Danielle Dingman Ahead of the Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Jim Gazzale speaks with professional triathlete Danielle Dingman ahead of the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France. Danielle opens up about her collegiate track career, gaining 50 pounds in a single year, and finding balance in nutrition and in life. She also discusses her journey to the professional ranks, overcoming multiple injuries, competing against the world’s best, and the hurdles she’s cleared to get to the start line of the World Championships.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 25 - Ironman Mont Tremblant Preview with Gene Sobol

Jim speaks with multiple Ironman finisher, and recurring guest, Gene Sobol who provides a preview of Ironman Mont Tremblant. This discussion is perfect for beginners who’ll be covering the Mont Tremblant course for the first time this Sunday. Gene covers the few days leading up to the race, activities in the village, things to do, and places to see including the swim up coffee bar. He also dives in on swim, bike, and run course recon, how to effectively pace the bike and your handful of seconds of fame at the finish line. This is essential listening for all IMMT first timers.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 24 - Swimming Made Easy with Kevin Kearney, Owner of Excel Aquatics

Jim and Karen speak with Kevin Kearny who explains the basics of good triathlon swim technique, where and when to use drills and tools, and also how to see the largest swim improvements over time. The conversation is full of swimming and pool puns, lots of laughs, and thoughtful discussion on how best to improve your swim performance.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 22 - Alison Testroete, Owner of the Lucca Cycling Club

Jim and Karen speak with Alison Testroete, owner of the Lucca Cycling Club. Alison is a former professional cyclist. Originally from Canada, Alison moved to Europe to pursue her professional cycling career and ultimately settled in Lucca, Italy where she founded a guided cycling tour company. She takes cyclists through the amazing Tuscan countryside on rides ranging from a few hours to a few days.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 21 - Gabe Young, Owner of Powerhouse Athletics

Jim & Karen sit down with Gabe Young, owner of Powerhouse Athletics in Albany, NY. They discuss his athletic career, the youths and professional athletes he trains as well as the best tasting protein peanut butter on the market. You'll learn how his line of protein powders, peanut butters, and now pancakes are manufactured, plus his proudest moment as a coach.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 19 - Jose Otero, Founder of Nine Cal Energy

Jose Otero, founder of Nine Cal Energy, shares his passion of life, friendship, and endurance sports. He explains the first MCT oil-based endurance fueling product on the market, Nine Cal Energy, and how it was hatched out of an idea to cut chemicals from his race day nutrition strategy. Not only is this a fat-based, keto-friendly product for athletes, it also represents the happiness and gratitude Jose brings to every day life and the experiences his product is able to bring people to.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 18 - Helen Parsons, Wellness Coach

Jim and Karen sit down with Helen Parsons, a wellness coach in the Capital Region to discuss healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and transformations. Helen knows what it’s like to make the tough changes. Not at all athletic for the majority of her life, she quit smoking 11 years ago and began running. This was the beginning of what became a passion for her. As she got more and more healthy, she began to understand that taking care of ourselves gives us so much more than simple health and fitness; she learned that discovering what we can do physically, pushing our personal limits, and fueling our bodies in a way that helps them perform for us, also gives us a mental and emotional clarity, a sense of self-respect and confidence that we may have been lacking. It is now her mission to help other women become the best versions of themselves through health, fitness and community.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 17 - Lindsay Rae, Boudoir Photographer

Karen girl crushes on Lindsay Rae of LRP Boudoir and the Self Love Experience. Lindsay is all about embracing your sensuality and sexuality no matter your size. She’ll dish tough love to her clients who come in with a negative self-image. Lindsay and her team create an experience that some might consider awkward and foster an atmosphere of comfort, love and style in which the end result is sexy, tasteful art.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 16 - Paul Howell, Creator of The Sling Method

Jim and Karen talk with Paul Howell, a gait specialist and creator of the Sling Method. Paul’s vision for human movement in running and triathlon is unique and noticeable within the first few paragraphs of his book. While most strength programs for endurance athletes feature squats and deadlifts, or some variation of those exercises, Paul argues against that. His approach is always about specificity. 

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 15 - Loren Mason-Gere of Rolf Prima

On this episode of the SENS Fitness Podcast Jim talks with Loren Mason-Gere of Rolf Prima. The two discuss the history of Rolf Prima wheels and the wheel industry as a whole. Loren shares his insights on where the industry is headed, Rolf’s share of it, plus what consumers need to understand and research before purchasing a set of carbon wheels. To close, Jim asks Loren about his favorite Thai dishes and his tolerance level for spicy foods!

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 14 - Britt Burnham of HIIT It with Britt

On this episode of the SENS Fitness Podcast, Karen sits down with Britt Burnham, owner of HIIIT It with Britt in Albany, NY. They discuss the path to gym ownership, the obstacles faced by starting a female-owned gym, and how the fitness space has evolved into training a professional football team. Britt provides an interactive interview with many great takeaways for nutrition and weight loss for women, men, and children.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 13 - Frank Rizzo of The Dad Habit

On this episode of the SENS Fitness Podcast, Jim and Karen speak with Frank Rizzo, personal trainer and founder of The Dad Habit. Frank explains his 12-week health and fitness program specifically for fathers. He opens up about the challenges he witnessed first hand with eating habits and people he’s interacted with while working as an EMT for the FDNY, and provides actionable steps for dads looking to reclaim the fitness from their 20s.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 12 - Metabolic Rate Testing with Kristen Hislop

On this episode of the SENS Fitness Podcast, Karen and Jim sit down with their first two-time guest Kristen Hislop to discuss metabolic rate testing. The discussion covers how the test works, the information it tracks, plus actionable steps you can put into practice with the results.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 11 - PedBikeLaw with George LaMarche

On this episode of The SENS Fitness Podcast Jim Gazzale interviews George LaMarche, an attorney and advocate for runners and cyclists. George discusses the rights of runners and cyclists who’ve been hit by vehicles while training, their legal recourse, tips to make sure they’re getting the most possible coverage, and things runners, cyclists, and drivers can do to avoid crashes. George also discusses the advocacy work he’s doing along with a non-profit he created to help support crash victims. Visit for more information.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 10 - Aric Lemon, Owner of iCryo in Latham, NY

On this episode of The SENS Fitness Podcast, Karen & Jim speak with Aric Lemon, owner of iCryo Cryotherapy in Latham, NY about the benefits of cryotherapy for health and wellness as well as athlete recovery. Aric shares the types of clients he works with most, the services offered at his Latham, NY location plus what’s on the horizon as he gets set up open a second location in the coming weeks.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 9 - Arden Martin

In this episode, Jim and Karen speak with Arden Martin, co-founder of The Spring Meditation in NYC. Arden and her partners are meditation teachers who specialize in Vedic meditation. Arden explains how she found meditation, a recent trip to India to study the practice, and how she educates others on the benefits and practice of Vedic. Arden also shares how her and her husband, Chris, are using elimination communication with their 7-month-old son Jesse.

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 8 - Gene Sobol

Jim & Karen talk with Gene Sobol, a triathlon and running coach who has a unique approach to building the sport through affordable access to coaching and training plans. Gene talks about his triathlon background, including the obstacles he’s overcome to be successful in the sport. Plus he tells us his favorite way to recover after a long ride, his pre-race breakfast, and whether he shaves his legs or not!

SENS Fitness Podcast Ep. 7 - Cory Comitale

Jim & Karen speak with Cory Comitale, Fitness Director at Infinity Athletics in Albany, NY. Cory operates group fitness classes where each person has their own individual program. He’s also just one of two people locally who are certified in fascial stretch therapy. We discuss this and why he feels working with an older clientele is the most rewarding.