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The dictionary defines nutrition as the process of eating the right kind of food so you can grow properly and be healthy. But it's so much more than that. Nutrition is, of course, what you eat but it's also where and who you eat with, how and why you eat what you eat and when. Your relationship with food is often shaped by your culture, social environment, and habits. It can also be influenced by your emotions and schedule. With nutrition coaching from SENS Fitness you're in control. Our coaches will work directly with you to build a personalized plan to fit your life.

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Fat Loss Program

Our Fat Loss Program includes:

  • online nutrition coaching;

  • personalized meal plan;

  • recipe book;

  • exercise plan;

  • accountability; and

  • daily group, and individual support.

4 weeks/$119


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Individual Services

Consultation and Macronutrient Split

  • Single, 30 minute session/$50

  • Monthly follow-ups/$50

Grocery Store Tour

  • 1-hour food shopping guidance/$100