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Schedule an accountability call with your coach

An accountability call is a scheduled 20-minute phone call with Jim and/or Karen, designed to help keep you moving forward when you need it most. On this call we can look at your progress as a whole, tackle one specific road block, or simply check in to ensure you’re on the right track. These are available to you as often as you need.

What should i eat?

If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, this infographic provides the answer.

Meal Prep Made Easy

The containers, food ideas, and strategy for a successful meal prep.

How to avoid overeating “healthy” foods

See how quickly calories can add up on food like cereal, nuts, and peanut butter when proper portions are ignored.

your nutritional buck

Discover the foods that give you the best bang for your nutritional buck and always make the healthiest choice.

Effective Portion Control

This simple strategy uses only your hand to keep you on track.

protein cookies

These delicious chocolate protein cookies will help you stay on track with your goals and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Recommended Food Guide

Select foods that you like from the list below to create your meal plan.