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Jim Gazzale

Sports Nutrition Specialist, USAT, USAC, Pn1, Certified online trainer

I'd love to tell you that I've always been in shape and athletic. But the truth is that I used to be overweight and pretty unhealthy. My lifestyle was holding me back. When I decided to make healthy, sustainable change I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Having a personalized nutrition plan helped get my lifestyle on the right track. It's afforded me the opportunity to experience some of life's greatest moments without being self-conscious about my weight or appearance. My relationship with food has changed dramatically through habit-based coaching techniques and a desire to make incremental improvements each day, each week, and each month.


karen gazzale, Certified Personal Trainer, PN1

I've always been an outcome driven person, to a fault. My intense focus on seeing results immediately would inevitably lead me to failure because I would quickly lose hope and give up, unwilling to sacrifice more of my time. This was true for every aspect of my life until I learned that small, daily successes have the power to transform your body and mind. By working on my nutrition first and slowly changing lifestyle habits I was able to see how my weight loss created a strong body and healthy mindset. I know the first step is hardest. Who are we kidding, they all are. But if you allow yourself the time to take the SENS Fitness journey, you'll reach your destination and suddenly find yourself setting new goals to accomplish even more than you thought possible.